Why You Need a Divorce Attorney For Your Unique Divorce

Uncontested divorce attorney

No two divorces are the same. Even divorces that might seem, on the surface, to be similar usually contain unique situations. There are many parts of a person?s life that can complicate the divorce process even more. When it comes to divorce, the consultation of divorce lawyers are recommended to evaluate and navigate the way through these tricky situations. The following are a couple examples of unique divorce situations that may or may not apply to your case.

Trust funds and pre marriage wealth

People are at all different financial situations when they get married. Some couples may marry very young, before either has established a career or finance plan. Others may wait until they are much older, already having a career and established a good amount of wealth. Some couples may come into the marriage with family trust funds or inheritances. Although legal and financial counseling is recommended before marriage, experienced divorce lawyers are also necessary when the marriage ends in divorce. The inheritances, trust funds, and accumulated wealth will all come into question during the divorce proceedings.

Incurred debts

Many couples incur debt together, such as purchasing a house or a vehicle on credit. Some bring debt to the marriage, which is common with student loans. When you are married, your debts are generally combined. However, there may be question of who owes what based on who has ownership or who ends up with the item following the divorce. Some of the most common divorce advice from local divorce attorneys surrounds who gets what debt.

Divorce for business owners

Owning a house or a vehicle with a spouse is more common than business ownership. Divorce for business owners definitely complicates things. Each divorce process will vary, depending on who has more interest in the business, how the funds were raised to begin the business, and who is more actively involved. Some couples may choose to continue co ownership of the business, while one of the spouses becoming a silent partner. Others may be forced to sell if an agreement cannot be made, forcing the business into liquidation to equally split the assets. While the average length of divorce proceedings in the United States is 1 year, the co ownership of a business can extend the process.

Divorce for professionals

When large life events occur during the marriage, the divorce process becomes more complicated. A common situation is when one spouse supports the other during their education. A student of medicine may spend as many as ten years furthering their education, until they become a physician. Divorce for physicians tends to be tricky, because the income upon graduation is substantially higher. The physician may be required to pay the other spouse for alimony for many years of support. The mean age of a woman for a first divorce is 29 years old, generally an important age in obtaining a career. Divorce lawyers can be helpful in establishing divorces among professionals.

Divorce among families

Each year in the U.S., more than one million people have parents who separate or divorce. Navigating a divorce with children can be especially tricky, especially when parents do not agree on what is best for the children. Divorce lawyers are a particularly important asset when it comes to establishing child custody following a divorce. They may be a crucial part in effectively dividing the parent?s time up among the children. Family divorce lawyers will also assist with creating school, holiday, and visitation schedules. This is a task that is needed when a single family household becomes a split custody household and is also something that newly divorced parents struggle with.

Each and every person?s life is unique. This also means that every marriage is unique, in its own way. When divorces occur, there are often situations that we do not understand, because we were not a part of that couple?s relationship. Also, couples will be forced to navigate confusing divorce proceedings, depending on the unique life that they have created together. Using divorce lawyers is the best way to sort out the complicated mess of divorce.