7 Ways to Avoid Truck Accidents


No one wants to get into a truck accident. If you do, you have to deal with a lot of headache. In addition, you’d need to a top notch auto accident lawyer from a law firm. While that truck accident attorney could certainly help you out immensely, it’s also good to be active in preventing these truck accidents from happening in the first place. That’s the key. So, to help you do that, here is a list of 7 ways to avoid truck accidents.

  1. Be Cautious of Drug Use
    First, it’s good to be careful when taking drugs. This includes taking drugs of any kind. In fact, its been found that these accidents are caused by drugs 46% of the time. That is the separated by prescription drug use, over-the-counter drugs, and illegal drugs. So, no matter what you could be putting yourself and other drivers in danger if you’re taking a drug and driving a truck or near a truck.
  2. Get Proper Sleep
    Another thing to remember is the fact that you need to make sure that you remain healthy when driving. Get enough sleep so that you aren’t nodding off while on the road. That is clearly a big problem if you go down that path. So, make sure to take lots of breaks and go off onto a rest stop frequently. This may scare you if you have time limits for your travel, but it ultimately will lead to safer trips.
  3. Careful With Speed
    You’ve got to also remember to mind your speed when you’re on the road. This is a pretty basic tip, but it’s also one that get’s forgotten constantly. Whether you’re on the road and trying to make it to your destination on time, or if you just like the feel of the speeding truck/car, you’ve got to be safe. Keeping your vehicle at the right speeds means that you’re keeping yourself safe. Otherwise, get yourself a good lawyer for the personal injury settlements you’ll definitely wind up in.
  4. Don’t Drink and Drive
    This is another obvious one that gets forgotten way too often. Make sure you don’t drink and drive, ok guys? Whether it was just one drink at a rest stop, or a bunch of them at a party before work, just don’t do it. It’s good for you, it’s good for your family, it’s good for the other drivers on the road. Be smart and don’t drink before you get behind the wheel. You’ll thank yourself later.
  5. Follow Driving Rules
    Going along with those two tips, it’s good to just follow all driving rules and to be a smart driver. For example, if you are a regular driver on the road you should should maintain a healthy distance from the truck’s blind spots. There are the ares to the side of the truck and directly behind it. If you are a truck driver, you should be conscious and aware of these areas at all times. Being smart about driving moments like that, turning, and following distance, and you can help prevent truck accidents.
  6. Keep a Maintained Truck
    It’s also good to get the truck regularly inspected. This can be a major help in the long run. By making sure your truck is up the code, you keep any potential accidents from happening. No one wants to have to deal with a flat tire, faulty breaks, or whatever else. Get the truck looked at regularly and you won’t have to deal with any surprises.
  7. Use Technology
    The last tip is one that’ll be great for companies hiring truck drivers. Use technology to make sure that the drivers are working efficiently and safely. For instance, by using GPS systems you can make sure that the truck driver is making consistent stops in order to stay rested. Not only that, but certain instruments make it possible for companies to monitor things such as the performance of the truck and its engine. Some even make it possible to control the locks and check the use of the seat-belt from miles away.

Truck accidents happen. When one does, it’s best to get a car accident lawyer who knows how to get the best solution for you. That said, if an accident hasn’t happened yet, use these tips to keep one from happening. Get more on this here.