3 Tips for Finding a Good Attorney

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Finding a good attorney is key to presenting yourself in the best possible light when you are charged with any type of crime or find yourself in a difficult legal situation. Whether you’re dealing with child custody issues, divorce, or even multiple felonies, know that you are not alone and do have options. Currently, 68 million people in the United States are living with a criminal record. Understand these four things, as described by the American Bar Association (How Do I Find a Lawyer? to finding a good attorney and taking the first step toward dealing with your charges.

  1. Make Sure You Feel a Level of Comfort and Trust
  2. On order for your attorney to build the strongest possible case for you in a court of criminal law, it is imperative that you feel comfortable enough to tell him/her all the facts of your situation. Your ability to work with them successfully depends greatly on you being completely honest with them. Even if you feel like your conviction is imminent after submitting to a blood alcohol content test, you may still be able to challenge the results with the help of a defense attorney.

  3. Consider the Area of Specialty You Need
  4. Though most lawyers are not certified in a specialty, many handle high volumes of their cases in particular areas versus others. This is especially important when it comes to finding a criminal defense attorney. It can be helpful to seek out specific criminal defense firms in your area or even to simply ask around for a reference in finding a good attorney. A dui dwi attorney, for example, would know the best way to protect your rights and take appropriate action to limit the consequences you face after being charged.

  5. Take Advantage of All Public Resources
  6. In addition to court-appointed defenders, which can be obtained at your request, both the state and federal governments offer staff lawyers who may be able to offer guidance at no charge. Likewise, it can often be helpful to contact the relevant government agency associated with your area of the law and any specific concerns you may have, such as discrimination, employment, or housing.

If you haven’t yet had to deal with a situation involving legal action, it may only be a matter of time.For example, Americans are currently getting divorced, a process which often requires extensive legal work, at a rate of one every 36 seconds. With a frequency like that, it’s no wonder that finding a good attorney is so important.