What You Don’t Know About Immigration

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Immigration reform has been a hot topic in U.S. political circles for decades. There are laws in place to protect immigrants and aid them in qualifying for citizenship. U.S. immigration lawyers understand these laws and do their best to protect the rights of those who wish to become U.S. citizens.

Immigration Reform.

At the center of the immigration debate is the question of economics. Some fear that a large influx of people from outside the U.S. will strip U.S. citizens of employment while others believe such an increase will stimulate the economy and help create new jobs. No matter which side one is on, immigrants make up a significant chunk of the U.S. labor force, about 16% of it according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. A study conducted by the Center for American Progress claims that the cost of deporting close to 10 million unauthorized immigrants would be over $200 billion over the course of five years. And reforms in U.S. immigration policy could potentially reduce the federal deficit by $2.5 trillion over the next decade.

Immigrant Attorney.

Until such reform passes in Washington, the decision to immigrate to the U.S. begins with a visa. A visa is essentially a permission form authorized by a U.S. official that allows an immigrant or immigrating family entrance into the country and an opportunity to apply for citizenship through naturalization. Each year about 480,000 of family-based visas are available. There are several types of visas depending on specific factors and situations. For instance, one can obtain a visa via employment, wherein an immigrant is allowed entry to the U.S. based on his/her skills in the labor force. There are also Diversity visas, which are limited to immigrants from places with an historically low percentage of people entering and staying the U.S. Because the process of obtaining a visa can be daunting and complex, it is important to find a good immigration lawyer.

Personal Injury Solicitor.

Since immigrants make up a decent proportion of the U.S. labor force, it may be necessary for them to seek out an attorney for personal injury. These lawyers attend to all kinds of personal injury, especially those that occur as a result of work hazards. Accidents like slips and falls are the primary cause for workers’ compensation claims. For those working in factories with dangerous materials and equipment, knowing a good personal injury solicitor is a good way to ensure one’s safety and financial stability.

Whether immigration policies are amended in the coming years or not, the value of immigration lawyers and personal injury solicitors cannot be underestimated. These people protect the rights of immigrants and workers in the U.S., and help individuals and families get through extremely difficult times and situations.