Three Reasons Why Dash Cameras Are Incredibly Important in Law Enforcement

Police car video camera

Sadly, the news today seems to be packed with stories about police officers accused of abusing their authority. Much of this coverage is driven by amateur footage of incidences shot by random bystanders. Some of the footage is even shot by in vehicle camera systems found in squad cars across the country. Today, police dash cameras and body cameras are needed by both the police and the public now more than ever. If anything, the numbers speak for themselves. From 2000 to 2003, for example, the number of in vehicle camera systems for police departments rose from 3,400 to 17,500. The demand for body and dash cameras will continue to rise as they become more common in American police departments.

To better illustrate the benefits of in vehicle camera systems, here are three reasons why they’re in such wide use:

  1. Police cameras are great for police training. By showing and reviewing footage of police officers on duty, police departments are able to critique their performance, providing valuable and direct training tips for police officers.
  2. Dash and body cameras are also instrumental in providing evidence for trial. These cameras offer direct evidence of things that happen while on duty. By equipping police officers with these cameras, police departments make sure their officers are better prepared as well as represented.
  3. In vehicle camera systems help restore public confidence in police departments. Especially during the past few years when cases of “police brutality” have grabbed national headlines, these cameras are instrumental for police departments in showing the public that they are transparent and have only the interests of the public in mind.

There are other reasons to purchase in vehicle camera systems of course but the three listed above are by far the most cited. By recording what happens on duty, body and car cameras provide an invaluable service to the police as well as to the public.