#1 Way To Prevent Injuries Around Your Home!

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A lot of people think that “Safety First” is the first rule of Safety Club. Those people are wrong.

The first rule of Safety Club: always have working fire extinguishers in your home or apartment, and make sure they are working properly and haven’t expired. You may need to test or replace your fire extinguishers every few years.

Perhaps you would be shocked how few Americans keep fire safety equipment in their homes, or perhaps you’re asking yourself now if YOU have fire safety equipment.

While Americans have a reputation for filing frivolous personal injury lawsuits, the truth is that millions of Americans are injured or disabled every year through injuries and accidents. And while you can’t always protect yourself from negligence, accidents, defective products, or common car crash injuries, there are simple things you can do to protect you and your family around the home.

We’ve already covered fire extinguishers, so how else can you keep safety first?

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Just like a smoke alarm needs to be checked (and have its batteries replaced), so do carbon monoxide detectors. A house can turn into a deathtrap in minutes if you experience a gas leak. Without carbon monoxide detectors to alert your family to danger, you might sleep right through a terrible situation.

Protect yourself. Check any alarms or detectors in your home periodically.

Do You Know Where Your Kids Are?

Given the rise of helicopter parenting, we’re guessing you do. But do you check what your kids are playing with, even when they’re out with friends? Here’s a scary statistic: in 1997, 140,000 kids suffered toy-related injuries, a number which jumped to more than 220,000 in 2006.

And remember: 26 babies die in crib-accidents every year!

Go Over Disaster Plans

If you live in California, your family should have a detailed plan of what to do in an earthquake. A plan you practice at least once a year, like a fire drill in school. If you live in Kansas, practice what your family would do in case of a tornado.

And no matter where you live, make sure your kids know what to do if they smell smoke or hear an alarm.

Most importantly, make sure your kids know how to put safety first in all things. Some people might not think that being safe is cool. Those people are wrong.