How Can Specialized Attorneys Help Me With A Divorce Hearing?

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Are you seeking assistance for a divorce case or need a professional perspective on equitable distribution? Specialized attorneys are here to help. An aggressive attorney can pinpoint any and all potential issues in your application process and ensure your navigation of the legal system is as smooth as possible. Choosing a divorce lawyer is one of the most time-saving measures you can do concerning a complicated process and can see both stress and finances reduced in the long run.


The rate of marriage has seen a noticeable decline over the past few decades in the United States. After 10 years studies have shown the probability of a first marriage ending at around 33%. The probability of a first marriage ending in divorce within five years, specifically, is at 20%. Many specialized attorneys deal in family law and divorce specifically, familiar with the ins and outs of divorce law and domestic partnership. Additional issues include child custody, litigation and mediation.


The United States sees over one million children’s parents divorcing on a yearly basis. Many studies have been conducted in order to analyze this trend, with some lawyers and sociologists citing differing social values and declining economic ability as the most common reasons. On average, 10% of the American population is divorced at any time. The average divorce will cost anywhere from $15,000 to $30,000. Specialized attorneys are able to gauge the price of application, court hearings and consultation.

Property Distribution

One of the most common issues facing individuals applying for a divorce is that of property distribution and the estate. Due to the separation of individuals, it can be a difficult process addressing and applying necessary financial and legal barriers concerning ownership of the home. The top three reasons a client will engage in estate planning is to avoid probate, at 60%, minimize discord among various beneficiaries, at 57%, and protect children from mismanaging given inheritances at 39%. A probate will generally entail fees of around 2% to 3% of the estate, provided no trustee is already appointed.


Another service specialized attorneys can provide is the writing of a will. A will is a document that ensures any and all possessions will be properly distributed upon the death of the writer. A will, living will and durable power of attorney are the three most important legal documents an American can have according to a recent issue of the Business Insider. These can be drafted in 10 to 15 minutes, though studies have shown only 72% of American seniors currently have a living will on file. When asked why they have not contacted specialized attorneys to write a will, over 55% of respondents to a survey said they ‘have not gotten around to it’.

Choosing Specialized Attorneys

From divorce to child custody to writing a will, specialized attorneys are there to ensure you are not led astray while navigating the legal system. They will help you with divorce costs, assess potential fees and calculate any and all additional outside factors as you go along. Over two-thirds of couples who chose a mediated divorce result said they were satisfied with the outcome and the majority of all divorce cases will reach an out-of-court settlement agreement. Contact your local experienced lawyers and see how they can help you with legal issues.