Contact a Workers’ Compensation Attorney to Learn Your Rights and Responsibilities

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Have you been injured at work or become ill as a direct result of work-place conditions? If so, then after informing your employer and seeking any necessary medical attention, you may want to contact a workers compensation lawyer to determine your rights and responsibilities.

When you contact a workers compensation lawyer, they can provide you with counsel that relates to your specific situation. Furthermore, your attorney can respond to your questions and assist you with filing a claim and handling other issues as they arise.

In 2013, there were three million occupational illnesses and injuries reported in the United States. While workplace injuries and illnesses tend to be industry-specific, in general, most worker’s compensation claims, a total of 85%, are due to employees slipping and falling on slick floors. On an annual basis, more than 31 days of work are missed due to 22% of these slip-and-fall accidents.

When you file a personal injury claim, you may be interested to know that only 2% of these types of cases actually go to court. Rather than going to trial, 98% of these cases are handled out of court. This is one of the many reasons why you want to have a legal representative to assist you with your case.

While many businesses may not have workers’ compensation insurance, it is required in 74% of the United States. If you live in Oklahoma or Arkansas, both of these states have workers compensation programs in place. If your employer does not provide workers’ compensation insurance, then your attorney can advise you on how to proceed in this situation.

Compensation for injuries sustained on the job do vary. In March 2015, for example, the average compensation was approximately $169,880 for someone that sustained damage to one of their arms.

Whether you slipped and fell or sustained another type of workplace injury or illness, it is important to remember to report it immediately and seek the counsel of a workers compensation attorney. Furthermore, if you have witnessed an accident at work, or are aware of other employees that are becoming ill due to workplace conditions, it is also important to report this through the appropriate channels.