Three Ways an Attorney Can Help Clients Who Have a Case Against a Financial Advisor

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Sometimes cases occur where individuals have been the victims of securities fraud. It is not as uncommon as people may think. In 2014 alone, there were over 1,600 cases related to securities and commodities. A business attorney can help clients argue their case in court, win their money back, and ensure that the financial planner does not commit further crimes against others needing their help. Many individuals are unsure about using an attorney, thinking it might be more effective if they represent themselves or find another way to win their case. For the best results however, an attorney will present a stronger case. Read on for three reasons why using an attorney is the best choice.

Financial Advisor Attorneys Specialize in Helping Clients Specifically in These Types of Cases

Since financial advisor attorneys specialize in helping clients against claims involving financial advisors and other professionals who have committed securities fraud. Because these professionals have years of experience in helping individuals bring similar cases to court, they know how to navigate the system, what to expect, and how to show their clients the best practices for ensuring they win a case. This could involve testimony from others, proof via certain documents or even a class action lawsuit. Stock and investment fraud can take the form of financial advisors presenting false information to their clients, such as making purchase or sales decisions in regards to stock. Having a paper trail presented by an litigation attorney knowledgeable in the subject can be a major benefit for any client trying to win a case against fraudulent advisors.

Litigation Attorneys May be Able to Represent Their Clients Anywhere in the Country

Although it is advised that clients should check with their attorney before assuming anything, because of the type of lawsuit involved, many litigation attorneys can represent clients who are living anywhere in the country. For clients that live in a different state than the attorney they want to use, this can be majorly beneficial. It is also useful in cases where the client is in the process of moving to a new state, and still needs to pursue their lawsuit, but does not have time to look for a new attorney. Many people find that a good securities fraud lawyer is able to do their job regardless of where they live, as long as they are aware of the details related to the case.

Clients Should Seek to Recoup Their Funds Even if They Trusted in a Professional

Many people feel embarrassed that they trusted their funds with an individual who misrepresented how their money was being used. They may have felt they used poor judgement in picking someone to help them make wise investments. This can happen to anyone, and does not mean that the person individual seeking a lawsuit is at fault. A common example is Bernie Madoff, a well known investor on Wall Street, who was arrested in 2008 for operating one of the biggest Ponzi schemes. Those who had trusted him lost over $10 billion, although he greatly respected within his industry. A stockbroker fraud lawyer will ensure that justice is brought to victims of such professionals. Although there is never a guarantee that money lost by these financial advisors can be recuperated, a litigation attorney will do their very best to help clients gain their money back, and work to prevent the same problems from happening to other individuals who might put their trust in the same financial advisor.

Litigation attorneys can help clients seek justice against a financial advisor who makes investments based on false advice in regards to buying and selling. The financial advisor attorney may be able to work with their client in any part of the country, which is helpful if the client is moving or has other issues to attend to. They also have experience in dealing with securities fraud, and will know what information to present in court. A client who is overcome and distraught with the amount of their money lost might not be aware of what is needed. Finally, litigation attorneys can ensure that no one else falls victim to the same advisor.