Attorneys are Never Out of A Job Know When you Need One

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There are all kinds of reasons to need an attorney at law, and if you have never used one, consider yourself lucky. Personal injury, car accident, malpractice, workers compensation, wrongful death, and the list goes on and on. You may need to protect yourself and your loved ones, in case one of these things happens that isn’t your fault.

Car accident lawyers have their hands full, as this is the leading cause of injury and death worldwide, with 3,287 deaths on average per day. Specifically in the U.S. on average the number of deaths from car accidents per year is 37,000 and the majority of those accidents involved people from ages 15 to 44. Reasons for needing an attorney at law for these instances include personal injuries, or wrongful death if you are a relative of someone who was killed in an accident. The case would be against the other driver if you thought they were at fault, or against the insurance company if they won’t cover enough expenses.

Workers compensation law has been a necessity since the U.S. labor movements highlighted the rights of workers and set regulations that must be adhered to by employers in order to keep employees safe. Attorneys are necessary because, even though safety regulations are in place, there were still over 3 million work-related injuries in 2013, and over 900,000 of those cases in the same year required time off from work. Workers compensation law exists to make sure that employees are being paid and not punished for the time off and that their medical bills are covered.

Medical malpractice requires an attorney at law, whether and injury or death has happened, and the number of deaths per year related to either medical injury or the mistake of a health care professional is 225,000. Although medicine is advancing all the time and Americans are healthier and living longer than ever, the increased amount of care that we receive can mean more medical errors. Protect yourself by knowing your legal rights.