What is Commercial Litigation?

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Litigation is simply the process of taking legal action; any time there are legal proceedings between two or more parties. Litigation begins immediately when an individual decides to legally enforce or defend his or her legal rights. There is much to do be before an actual lawsuit ensues and all of those proceedings are referred to as litigation, as long as they are of a legal nature. Litigation does not stop after the lawsuit, however. Once the verdict is rendered, many times the result may be disputed or subject to negotiation. If the losing part is not satisfied with the decision, he may try to appeal. In any case, whether both parties are satisfied or not, there are many motions, orders and hearings to attend even after the official trial is over. These are also referred to as litigation; post-suit litigation to be exact.

Commercial Litigation is when legal action is taken related to business transactions. The aspects of business that are dealt with through commercial law are not limited to but include advertising, banking, marketing, labor and employment, collections, contracts, bankruptcy, trade, marketing and securities, among other areas. It is also referred to as ‘business law’ and is often times considered to be ‘civil law’ dealing with both public and private law.

A business litigation lawyer may be consulted for representation for a commercial litigation case in order to help settle a dispute or disagreement. Business litigation lawyers do not need to specialize in all areas of business law, so one must fine a lawyer who has experience working with the specific situation they find themselves in. An attorney will most often try to counsel clients on how to avoid litigation as well as providing guidance pertaining to specific issues of the case. When necessary, they will represent their client before a judge.

To fully litigate a situation, it can take a lot of time and money so you want to do some research before deciding on who you will be staying with. Business litigation is a serious matter and it shouldn’t be taken lightly, so try to avoid the temptation of just going with the cheapest lawyer; cheapest is not always better. Make sure that not only the lawyer but their firm also, are well versed, educated and experienced in the type of business situation you are wanting to take legal action in. Knowing that your case is in good hands does wonder to the peace of mind you will need while the litigation is taking place. You need to be able to trust your legal team and be absolutely confident that they are doing everything they can to ensure this case turns out in your favor.