5 Musts for Choosing a Divorce and Child Custody Lawyer

While it may not initially seem like the case, children are often the most affected by a divorce. Some research shows that children of divorced parents are more likely to adopt risky habits as they age. It gets even worse if the parents disagree on custody. That’s why you should consider the benefits of hiring child custody attorneys.

These legal professionals will help facilitate proper communication with your former partner. Splitting is challenging for any couple, often resulting in heated arguments. For example, in the case of a custody agreement for out-of-state parents, conflicts may arise as each parent will likely want sole physical custody. Having a child custody attorney will ensure you don’t lose sight of the goal, and that’s to ensure the children’s interests are protected.

Because they have years of experience practicing family law, a lawyer is also in a better position to answer your questions, including, “can I lose custody of my child for being evicted?” or, “what to do when an unemployed father wants custody.”

While the answer to, “Can you get custody papers online?” is yes, hiring a child custody attorney is always best. They’ll know what to expect.

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In America, no one ever really knows what goes on behind those perfect white picket fences and behind closed mahogany doors. Family, while central in any individual’s life, can be the source of some of the most traumatizing conflicts and events, whether they happen once or repeatedly.
It is estimated that around 4.8 million American women become victims of intimate partner violence every year, and that over 38 million women will have been a victim at least once in their lifetime. Women who equip themselves with an awareness of family law child custody have a higher tendency to feel more empowered to recognize these acts are direct violations of their rights, and that knowing where to go for reliable and seasoned family law attorneys and family law advice is one of the first steps to ensuring the violence does not escalate, and that both the woman and any dependent children involved are safe.
Seeking legal advice over incidents of domestic violence is not something to be ashamed of, and neither is considering filing for divorce and a Personal Protection Order. Family law child custody attorneys deal with these issues everyday, what with US estimates showing almost 2,400 divorces filed every day, and intimate partner violence being the primary cause behind many of these cases.
While recognizing the abuse and the need to separate yourself from the situation is a big ordeal itself, the whole process of divorce with an abuser can be an entirely different minefield to tread through all together, especially when money is not an issue. An abusive spouse will tend to employ abusive legal tactics, which will surprise divorce first-timers. The fact that divorce is not so much about carrying out justice, as it is about being a shark in the game will ultimately be a disappointment on the victim’s part.
When going up against an abusive spouse in a divorce, take note of the following to make sure you make a fitting selection out of the thousands of divorce attorneys out there.

  1. Board-certified in family law
  2. Can talk to you in layman’s terms and not just in “legalese”
  3. If children are involved, be sure they understand to put their needs and safety first in all negotiations.
  4. Affordable in the long run.
  5. Makes you feel comfortable about opening up and sharing very personal information about your marriage

No matter what your reason is for seeking a divorce and child custody legal advice, do not wait and, more importantly, do not be ashamed. A reliable family law child custody firm and specialized attorney should be able to build a sound case for you and guide you throughout the whole process of filing for and finalizing that divorce.