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Family based immigration processing times

It probably comes as no surprise that the subject of immigration was brought up more frequently than topics like gun control and Obamacare at the first Republican Presidential Debate of 2015. The word “immigration” itself was mentioned 18 times. It is a topic that both propels and divides the U.S. economy. “Avocat en immigration” assistance is a frequent request in law offices around the country.
Whether workers are looking for information about family based immigration processing times or family based immigration news, a public service legal office may be one of the best places to start. “Avocat en immigration” is someone who can help you understand the complicated possibility of turning your temporary visa into a permanent work permit.
American born children of immigrants are 36% more likely to go to college, and they are less likely to live in poverty. In addition, they are equally likely to be homeowners as the average American. Few of things are possible, however, if these immigrants do not have the proper documentation that indicates that they are on the road to citizenship.
Hundreds of thousands of undocumented immigrants could possibly qualify for a green card if they have a relative who is a U.S. citizen. Because of limits to reenter the U.S. that were put in place in the year 1996, however, most would have to leave America for a period of at least 10 years before becoming eligible to reunite with their families. The best immigration lawyer can help undocumented workers and their families understand and begin this legal process.
In a 2014 National Post-Election Survey, 78% of respondents indicated that a candidate’s stance on immigration influenced their vote. This does not seem to be a trend that will be any less important in the upcoming presidential election. Workers who are in this country on a temporary work permit, or who have other non-citizen status situations to resolve, may find this election season as the best time to work with “avocat en immigration.”