Don’t Let Security Fraud Ruin Your Life

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The market is so volatile and there?s so much to learn. What sort of stocks and bonds to buy, what the taxes and interest rates mean to your yearly budget, and so much more. If you?re serious about investing your money, and of course you are, you?re going to be working with a securities brokerage to handle your financial investments. There are so many brokers in the U.S., hopes are the one you?ve chosen is forthright and honest, but when it comes to your money, is that a chance you can afford to take?

There were 26,823 securities brokerages, by 2015, in the United States, and their total payroll wages amounted to $63 billion. With so many brokers out there, with the opportunity of making so much money, sadly, the chance of securities fraud is higher than ever. Securities fraud, also known as investment fraud or stock fraud, is a deceptive practice in the markets that entices investors to make purchases or sales based on false information. Securities fraud frequently results in losses that are in direct violation of securities laws. In 2014, there were 1,639 pending commodities and securities fraud cases. A good securities fraud attorney will help you through the in?s and out?s of the legal system and help you undo the damage done.

Under an investor?s state securities act, legal actions can be brought against financial institutions for failure to diversify a portfolio, fraud, churning, unauthorized trading, misrepresentations and omissions, selling away, breach of fiduciary duty, negligence, financial exploitation of the elderly, and other related financial mishandling. Investment losses can have a devastating impact on investors who trusted their financial advisor, stockbroker, insurance agent or financial professional only to find that they failed to comply with their fiduciary obligations and duties.

To keep yourself and your investments safe, always make sure that you never sign any documents without a stockbroker fraud lawyer present. You should definitely have a securities fraud attorney present if you are not familiar with investing and its language. While securities fraud lawyers will cost you an upfront fee, it is better to protect yourself rather than running the risk of losing your entire investment.

If need be, a securities fraud attorney will help bring claims against fraudulent financial advisors. Most of these cases are decided by Financial Industry Regulatory Authority arbitration panels, and take place all over the country.

Protect yourself and your money from securities fraud. Talk to your business attorney and find a solid securities fraud attorney to protect your financial interests.