Why A Will Your Questions And Concerns Answered

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At a certain point in life … particularly after the kids have grown up and “left the nest” … it comes time to consider the future. That is, not only what happens in life but what happens in your twilight years and what follows. As hard as it may be to believe, 51% of Americans age 55 to 64 lack wills; indeed, 64% of the total public are currently going without wills. This leads, as you’ll see below, to a number of troubling situations. Locating and using estate planning services is actually simpler than you may think, and getting a will should be treated not as a plan for down the road, but a priority.

Why Do People Drag Their Feet About Writing A Will?

With so many estate planning services being offered on a national level, it’s easy to wonder why so few people have taken the step to get a will. The explanation has a lot to do with business, the perception that will and estate planning is difficult, and the American fear of death. Nobody likes to think about the ends of their lives, but that doesn’t mean it’s not going to happen. Think of getting a will less in the context of “what will happen after I die”, and more in the context of “how I can take care of those I love”.

Estate Planning Services Do The Hard Parts For You

In fact, the point of most estate planning services is to make the task simpler for you! You can be as involved as you want to be, and will have the final say on what will happen to you not only after you pass, but before. Many people don’t even consider the point of making provisions for cases in which they’re incapacitated.

What Happens If You’re Incapacitated?

Unfortunately, there have been many cases in which people have been incapacitated, with various relatives fighting over the power of attorney. You may wish to consult a health care attorney about what your options are in terms of defining you wishes should you be incapable of making decisions regarding your health and safety.

Getting A Will Means That Your Wishes Will Be Honored

Did you know that in most cases, the lack of a will means that the second … to … die spouse’s family gets 100% of the common estate, leaving the first … to … die spouse’s family with nothing? If that sounds unfair or wrong to you, then a will is vital. The thing about a will is that whether or not you get one, your estate is going to be allocated out anyway. With a will, you at least know that what you want is going to happen.