Family Law Attorneys Reveal 5 Tips for a Successful Collaborative Divorce

Updated 10/17/22

When you have family law issues, it goes to family court. You need to find a family law firm that will take on the case and represent your interests in court. A family lawyer is highly familiar with all of the family laws, including adoption and custody, and will know how to make your case in front of the judge. Family issues can be emotional, and a family lawyer is ready for all of the emotion.

When you need advice family law, your lawyer will answer your questions and make sure that you understand the process of the court case. An adoption family law specialist will have a lot of experience with getting adoptions to go through. You need that expertise to make sure that everything is done correctly so that there are no problems later.

It’s always better to get a family lawyer than to go to a lawyer who doesn’t specialize. If you are seeking an adoption, the process can be extremely complicated, and if it isn’t done right, the adoption could be undone later by the court. A family lawyer knows all of the steps necessary to make the adoption legal and permanent for you and your family.


What is an uncontested divorce

Every family law attorney and child custody lawyers have tales of particularly messy divorces that traumatized the young children involved. Even if the children are spared from the uglier aspects of a divorce, their parents still struggle to get through it. If you’re considering hiring family divorce lawyers for a collaboration divorce or mediation for child custody, then here’s five pieces of advice to smooth the process along.

1. Think of the Children!

If you think divorce is painful for spouses, then imagine how difficult it is for young children to cope with. That’s why so many couples are choosing collaborative and uncontested divorces with the help of family divorce lawyers, to help spare their kids from a long, drawn out battle over custody and assets. On the other hand, some parents believe their children would be in danger if custody was shared, in which case a long, drawn out custody battle might be in the kids’ best interest.

If you, your spouse, and your family divorce lawyers can agree on a collaborative divorce, then it can make a painful situation easier on everyone, kids and adults.

2. Get Organized, Make Lists

Once you’ve reached the point of no return, it’s time to start doing your research. Draw up detailed lists of assets and possessions, as well as all the necessary financial paperwork you’ll need to start moving forward.

3. Set Goals for Yourself

You need to decide ahead of time what you want to get out of the divorce. Specifically, which items, belongings, custody arrangements do you think you deserve? The more you decide ahead of time, the faster and simpler the process will be.

4. But Also Manage Expectations

That being said, you should know going in that you probably won’t get everything you want. A willingness to compromise and sacrifice in the name of your family is often the key to getting through a divorce without causing unnecessary collateral damage.

5. Practice Forgiveness

This piece of advise is self-explanatory. It’s also the most difficult advice to put into practice. Every divorce is unique, just like every marriage is. If you can learn to forgive your spouse, and in many cases, learn to forgive yourself, then the divorce process will be easier and less emotionally draining for everyone involved.

Good luck.