What You Should Know About Bail Bondsman

In the court of law, the words bail and bond are thrown around quite regularly. These terms both have to do with an arrested person being in jail. You have a right to know what these terms mean, and to educate yourself on the language of the courtroom before even stepping in. This video gives an in-depth look at the definition and implications of both bail and bond.

Bail refers to the cash amount that is posted for you to be able to live your life outside of prison (with certain regulations of course) before your court date. This happens when somebody pleads not guilty and a trial is scheduled for the future.

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Instead of waiting in prison, you can have a family member or a licensed bail bondsman work to pay the bail and let you out. In this case, you get all of the bond money back when you attend trial, but a percentage will be taken out to pay the bondsman as well. Bond, on the other hand, is between a bondsman and the court on your behalf. This way takes longer, and requires you have a reliable background for paying back debt.