What Does a Bail Bondsman Make?

This video talks about the bail bondsmen profession and how much they make for a living. One of the main questions people ask about bail bondsmen is whether they can make a living doing the profession. The other question is whether the money is good.

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The speaker discusses how various factors determine how well someone does as a bail agent. It depends on how the business is doing in general. It also depends on the location and how well the bail agent does his or her job. Bounty hunters are an entirely different sect of the bail bond industry. Thus, the information only pertains to bail bond agents.

The amount of money a bail bond company makes for each individual case depends on that particular company and the price it has set for its down payments. Generally, bail bond agents request that their new clients pay about 10 percent of their bail bond amount. Therefore, someone who has a $5,000 bail amount will need to pay $500 upfront before the bail bond company can assist. In some cases, clients must offer collateral of either a vehicle title or a home deed. That isn’t a part of the bail bond. It’s only there to ensure that the defendant shows up in court