What Type of Attorney Do You Need? Here’s How to Tell Them Apart

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Have you ever been arrested or involved in an accident? Are you a business owner who wants to know more about your liability? Have you faced discrimination in the workplace or with your legal rights? If you answered yes to any of these questions, there’s a good chance that you will need to find a lawyer to handle your case. However, when searching for a local lawyer online or in a phone book, you’ll likely come across several different types of lawyers. And if you don’t know exactly what type of case you have, you may have trouble finding the right legal representation you need.

Here are some examples of the types of lawyers you might need, and the cases that they often represent.

Criminal defense lawyers
A defense lawyer is necessary if you are charged with a crime. Criminal defense lawyers can either be provided for you in a criminal case, or you can hire your own. It is important to have a lawyer who is also an attorney, meaning someone who can represent you in a legal dispute.

Personal injury attorneys
Personal injury law deals with accident cases, especially those that result in physical injuries. If you have had a car accident, an accident on the job, or have been injured by a business’s product, you can see a personal injury lawyer to find out whether you have a valid case.

Business or commercial attorneys
A business lawyer can represent you in court if needed if you are a business owner who gets sued. A lawsuit for a business could be the result of a customer injuring himself or herself on your property or while using one of your products. A business lawyer can also help you deal with contracts and negotiations if you are a business owner.

Civil rights lawyers
Have you experienced discrimination? Does your case involve your job or your legal rights? If so, you may require a civil rights lawyer. These types of lawyers can typically provide defense in Title VII cases or issues between you and law enforcement.

If you’re unsure which types of lawyers can accept your case, it’s usually best to meet with one to discuss your situation. Although you can find legal advice online, the most accurate counsel will come straight from the lawyer you meet with. More.