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Dr. Tunde Okewale is an award-winning barrister and founder of Urban Lawyer charity in London. In this video titled Tundé Okewale MBE talks MBE, tough cases & Urban Lawyer Charity he starts with a bit of history of how he became a lawyer and the qualifications that he needed to acquire before becoming a certified barrister. He has also been appointed as a Master Governing Bencher, a title that is given to someone who is an elected senior member and is responsible for overseeing the Inn of Court in England and Wales. Apart from being a barrister, he runs a charity called Urban Lawyers that aims to make its services available to everyone. He can do this by providing people with detailed information about their rights or what the law means, and he offers skills learning to people who aspire to be in the legal profession without any legal background or money to finance their dreams. He provides aspirant lawyers and young lawyers with the necessary skills through training, linking them with mentors, and assisting with different scholarship programs. His barrister services are available for anyone if someone needs the services of a nursing home abuse attorney, he can assist with finding the most qualified.

The most prominent event aimed at helping learners is the National Student Conference that takes place annually and has been running for ten years in Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol, Sheffield, and London. The motivating factor for starting his charity was the people who would always want to know how he managed to get to where he was, particularly, children who came from the inner city and poor backgrounds. Dr. Tunde believes that everyone deserves an equal opportunity to succeed in life no matter where they come from. When he is not helping young people towards their career paths, this barrister is gracing GQ magazine lists of influential people in the world alongside Tom Hardy, Drake, and Kanye West.

Dr. Tunde speaks about how he is a firm believer in relishing the moments as they happen and that is why he celebrates his outlook through social media platforms. He also uses his social media as a tool to enhance his brand should prospective clients want to do a background check on the type of barrister he is. Dr. Tunde believes in using platforms to promote the work that his charity does because he portrays himself as a brand and acknowledges that when people search for his name on the internet they should be able to see the work that he does and not how he lives his life. His story and his accolades are inspiring and compelling to anyone who might want to pursue a legal qualification or to use their resources to help more young people get opportunities that will advance their career while learning the importance of giving back.