Helping People Through Divorce

If you are divorcing your wife, you may be required to sign the alimony agreement letter if her pay is low or she has no source of income, especially if the children are involved. The divorce process may take even years, resulting in time and money wastage in some cases. Therefore, to avoid dragging your ex-spouse into court and wasting a lot of time that you can use to start new, you can opt for an agreed order divorce. It involves coming up with a mutual arrangement where everyone feels comfortable. Agreed divorce papers make it easier for kids involved in a divorce.

You are probably wondering, after separation when to divorce your spouse. Well, separations play a significant role in the divorce process. A legal separation may speed up your divorce because the agreement will specify the roles of each person after divorce. For instance, the separation agreement will specify the person responsible for a mortgage payment. The document shows that there will be no conflicts in finances in case of a divorce, and children are well cared for.

Most people do not anticipate that they are ever going to need a divorce lawyer. After all, when they get married, they assume that it is going to last forever. However, in at least half of cases, it is not going to last forever, according to statistics, which is why more people are going to end up needing divorce lawyers than you might believe.

Of course, even though no one thinks that they are ever going to be in a position where they need a divorce lawyer, a lot of people do end up needing one. A lawyer can be very helpful in many ways. Not only can this individual guide you through actually dealing with the processes in the courtroom and other types of mediation, but they can also answer questions in the beginning part of the process if you have them. For example, you might wonder, can you divorce for free? Can you divorce without going to court? Can you file divorce papers online? Can you file legal separation without lawyer services? You might have this set of questions, as well as many others, and a lawyer will likely be able to help you quite a bit in terms of understanding these topics.

Marilyn York is a divorce attorney who has been practicing for more than two decades. In this video where she gives a Ted Talk What Representing Men in Divorce Taught Me About Fatherhood, she explains why she believes in empowering men’s rights in her law especially when it comes to divorce law. She raises the point that men have a significant influence on the development of their children because they teach them lessons that mothers generally don’t.

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In her legal experience, she has noticed that men are judged harshly during cross-examination when they cannot answer common questions about their children’s lives and are perceived as parents that do not have an innate bond with their children the same way that mothers do. However, Marilyn has proved that this is far from being true because men always know if a child is theirs without taking a paternity test, proving that an unexplainable bond does exist in fatherhood that is similar to the commonly known one amongst mothers and their children.

Approximately 40% of Americans grow up without their father around to help them navigate life, that means nearly two out of five children in America are growing up without their fathers. In 2016, it was estimated that up to 30 million American households were without a father figure to raise their children. The results of this disturbance within a family structure are the children mostly girls who suffer the consequences.

Data from the Centre for Disease Control suggests that fatherless children make up approximately 90% of runaway and homeless children in the country and a further estimated 65% of youth suicides. The reason behind why fathers are crucial in the development of their children can be better explained by psychologists but through data observations, it is evident that fathers are the missing and vital link to raising well-rounded children. The biggest challenge with fighting for men’s rights is that the law and society continue to undervalue their significance in raising children who will grow into prominent adults in the future. Fathers are not excused because they also underrate their roles and this ensures a never-ending cycle of damaging innocent children.

As an advocate for fathers in divorce law, Marylin feels as though she upsets a lot of mothers including herself for being able to accept this realization. What needs to be highlighted is that raising issues around men’s rights don’t undermine the value of mothers who raise these children, but it does mean that society needs to look at the root cause of the catastrophic consequences resulting in homes without fathers and those that have fathers that are hostile towards their families.