Understanding the Contingency Fees When Hiring a Car Accident Attorney

There are many different styles of payment for a car accident attorney. When you are involved in a car accident you have an insurance claim for the damage done to the passengers and the vehicle. Some lawyers may ask for payment upfront on the earliest days of preparing for the court, but a more efficient and comfortable system is often the contingency fee payment method.

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Contingency fees are not paid out by the client until the case is successfully won by the attorney. This ensures that the client is not at risk of wasting money on a legal process that they ultimately end up losing.

This type of payment means that the attorney works on your case without getting paid any money, however they would obtain a percentage of the money settlement won in court at the end of the process. These settlement percentages are flexible depending on the client’s budget and financial situation, and also depending on the details of the case in question.

How this typically works is the entire settlement will go to the attorneys so they may take their cut and pay for the medical bills and other necessary payments, and then pay the client the rest of the settlement