Two Ways to Legally Become a United States Citizen

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Did you know that since 1960, the foreign-born population of the United States has more than doubled? In addition, the U.S. Census Bureau reports that the immigration population of the U.S. is approximately 40 million. Although it is common to immigrate to the United States, it is important to gain citizenship legally. Fortunately, there are two common ways to become a United States citizen, and both are beneficial in their own ways.

1. Naturalization through green cards. Obtaining a green card will allow you to become a permanent resident of the United States, and naturalization will grant you citizenship. In order to gain green card naturalization, certain criteria must be met under immigration law. Not only are you required to be a green card holder for at least five years, but you must also be at least 18 years old, as well. In addition, you must have lived in the state you are applying for citizenship in for at least three months. Since obtaining a green card and completing the naturalization process can be difficult and time consuming, immigration lawyers are available to help.

2. Marry a citizen of the United States. Another way to gain U.S. citizenship is to marry someone who is already a citizen. However, in order to qualify for this option, the person you are marrying must have been a citizen for at least three years. In addition, you must have been a green card holder for at least three years. Once these criteria have been met, you may qualify for this citizenship option.

There are two common ways to become a citizen of the United States. Not only can you gain green card naturalization, but you also have the option of marrying a United States citizen, as well. By choosing the option that is right for you and seeking assistance from an immigration lawyer, you will be closer to gaining U.S. citizenship. See this link for more references.