Three Weird Reasons You’re Not Getting The Job

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Times are rough, and — even though employment rates are slowly climbing — many Americans are still struggling to get a job. Some may even believe the odds are against them, and they may be right — up to a point. Strange factors can, and often will, determine whether or not you get hired. What’s stopping you from landing the job?

Interviewing On a Rainy Day

The weather can inadvertently affect our moods, and even the most prestigious recruiting services — such as in house legal recruitment staff — are not immune to feeling a little blue on a particularly dreary day. “Overall, those interviewed on rainy days received about a 1% lower score than those interviewed on sunny days. This pattern was consistent for both senior interviewers and junior interviewers,” Business Insider says of a University of Toronto study.

Your Relentless Coffee Habit

Even top legal recruiters will — more likely than not — offer you a cup of coffee to be polite. Unless you see a steaming pot of coffee at the ready, experts recommend politely declining. Making you fresh coffee may take five to 10 minutes, Business Insider continues, and recruiters may spend that time developing a negative opinion of you. Some firms have extremely tight schedules; saving your interviewer a little time may go unnoticed, but taking up too much of their time will not.

Your Preference For Bright-Colored Clothes

Bad news, creative folks. The world may not be ready for bright colors, like oranges and yellows. At the very least, most interviewers don’t want to see you wearing them. Business Insider puts it plainly, “Orange may be too loud for an interview.” Even red clothes are up for debate. Some experts believe they signify power. Others agree, but add that it may be best not to overpower your interviewers and/or upper management at companies you are interviewing for. Your best bet is sticking to decidedly neutral colors, like black, gray, brown, and white.

Don’t ruin your chances at the job. Schedule interviews for a bright, sunny day whenever possible, only accept prepared coffee from in house legal recruitment staff, and tone down your clothing’s individuality for that job interview. Continue reading here: