Three of the Craziest Car Accidents in Movie History

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The sound of rending metal intermingled with the harsh crack of shattering glass splits the silence. Thankfully you’re only witnessing the scene on screen, and not real life! Crazy car accidents have become a mainstay of action movies, amongst several other genres. As moviegoers become more and more accustomed to these staged auto accidents, it’s up to directors and special effects professionals to up the ante of their crazy car accidents. To be truly memorable, the crash has to be jaw dropping.

That being said, here are a few of the most memorable, crazy car accidents in cinematic history.

No Country For Old Men.

In this particular scene, Anton Chigurh played by Javier Bardem gets sideswiped by another vehicle. This crash wasn’t particular graphic nor over-the-top, but it’s on the list thanks to the Coen brothers’ cinematic genius. They cleverly showed no traffic in one direction, but then immediately cut to a car racing straight at the camera, creating a shocking scene that gave audiences whiplash.

Death Proof.

As Stuntman Mike, played by Kurt Russell, crashes head-on with another vehicle packed with young women, we see the horrifying, brutal fatalities of each girl in the opposite vehicle. What makes this one of the most crazy car accidents in film history is the traditional effects used for the scene, which were not only graphic, but effective.

Final Destination 2.

One of the movie’s most shocking set pieces featured a logging truck that “accidentally” loses its load on a busy road, causing a scene that made every audience member flinch in his or her seat. This scene earns the top spot because it really, truly pulls all the stops to give audiences the maximum amount of carnage possible.

Even though the heroes are usually unfazed and lack the egregious injuries from car accidents that they should realistically have, the crazy car accidents we see in the movies will probably always top any of the bad car accidents today. If you know of any other crazy car accidents, feel free to discuss them in the comments! For more information, read this website.