Place Your Divorce in the Hands of Qualified Attorneys

Updated 4/13/2022

All relationships have difficult times, but some marriages cannot get through the hard times. For some couples, marriage just will not work, and they ultimately get divorced. If you decide to get divorced and finally want to file the divorce papers, you want to ensure you have a qualified lawyer. While many qualified attorneys are available, you want to find a family attorney.

They specialize in domestic issues, including divorce. They are best suited to help you navigate the family law system. There are also child custody attorneys who often extend their area of expertise to include child support and alimony. They will be able to answer all of your questions and help you find your way through any situation you may encounter. They can help provide you answers to questions like can a no-fault divorce be contested? Can both husband and wife file for divorce? Can you get married without a divorce? Divorce is fairly common, but each situation is different. You want to ensure that you have someone that can help you through them all.

In every marriage, there are disputes and arguments. In some cases, these can be settled by talking, coming to a mutual understanding. But for other couples, too many disagreements can be hard to reconcile, leaving divorce as the only solution. This is the case for nearly half of Americans, and according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, there is one divorce filed every 36 seconds in the U.S.

If this sounds like you, it would be best to consult a family lawyer who handles family law cases to get the best settlement for you and your spouse.

What is family law and what does a family lawyer do?

Family law covers a wide variety of domestic issues, from adoption, to surrogacy, to child abuse, to paternity testing. A family lawyer is well-versed in the law surrounding divorce, child custody, and several other areas. They often act as child custody attorneys as well, and even extend their practice to include child support, and alimony settlements.

Because these lawyers are considered experts on the subject of divorce, it is important to find the right one for your case. There are probably hundreds of lawyers in your town, making it hard to narrow down your choices.

Here are three ways you can locate the best attorney for the job.

  1. Stick to lawyers who have been practicing in your town for several years. Judges and court officials often work with popular lawyers on a regular basis, and by selecting one that is familiar with court proceedings in your county, you may be scoring a high quality lawyer. These lawyers can also increase your chances of getting a favorable outcome in your case, because they are familiar with the local judges and what could sway these judges to rule in your favor.
  2. An internet search can seem too overwhelming, but ignoring its benefits would be a mistake. Several websites offer great ways to pair your particular case with a lawyer in your town. Sites like answer common family law questions, and also give you options based on your needs. People can click on the legal situation that best matches their situation, and have their family law cases reviewed by an attorney for free. If you select Family and Divorce, you will be prompted to answer more specific questions about your case before the site matches your case with an attorney. Websites like and offer similar services.
  3. By talking to family and friends, you will likely find out about more family law cases than you realize, and this does not only apply to first marriage debacles. About 60% of second marriages end in divorce, and a staggering 73% of third marriages fail as well. In most cases, you will know at least one person who has been divorced at least once, if not twice. These friends or family members could be the best way to find the right lawyer, can give you a breakdown of costs, and point you in the direction of a knowledgeable attorney.

Even if divorce is fairly common, it is never easy. It can adversely affect the quality of your life, your children’s emotional health, and create endless conflict and stress. While a good family lawyer cannot eliminate these side effects of divorce, he or she can certainly lessen the blow. Read more blogs like this.