The New Inventor’s Guide to Why A Design Patent is Necessary

Patent law specialists

Are you an independent designer or inventor in the United States? Have you recently designed a product that could be a game changer? Are you concerned that another inventor or corporation could infringe on your intellectual property? Don’t worry; you aren’t alone. According to the United States Chamber of Commerce Intellectual Property Center the net worth of intellectual property is between $5 and $5.5 trillion. Individual inventors and designers are clearly a vital and growing part of economical and entrepreneurial prosperity within the United States. However, an innovator without a patent is like a painter without a paintbrush.

Patents and trademarks are necessary to protect your intellectual property. In a world where lawsuits are becoming increasingly commonplace, patents are becoming more and more sought after worldwide. In fact, between 2012 and 2013 the amount of applications submitted around the world increased by 9% to 2.6 million. Despite patents becoming more familiar in society there is a real risk to filing your own patent application. Doing so makes you more likely to make major mistakes that could be detrimental to the process. More than 520,000 applications are submitted each year in the United States, which means if you make a error filing on your own you may not be successful in obtaining your essential patent. Fortunately for you, that is where design patent law firms come in to play.

Patent lawyers are inventors, designers, and innovators’ biggest allies; set on providing proficient intellectual property counsel, patent attorney services and trademark attorney services for you. Design patent law firms not only can help you obtain your patent or defend it in one of the nearly 3,000 patent lawsuits across the United States each year, but they can help you maintain your patent as well. Design patents typically last 14 years from the date the patent is granted, and will need to be successfully renewed prior to it’s expiration, or your product or idea will again be subject to being copied. Don’t try to navigate this world alone; let design patent law firms help protect and defend you!