How Janine Got Her Groove Back

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Janine was done. She and her husband, Mark, had tried everything. Trips to a marriage counselor, vacations to forget all of the troubles, and countless vows to try harder and do better, but it just wasn’t working. Their marriage was over, and it was time for Janine to find a divorce lawyer. She knew that it would not be easy, but she also knew it was the best option for her family.
Since Janine was a researcher by profession, she knew that before she was ready to find a divorce lawyer and file divorce papers, she needed to do her research. Somehow knowing more about divorce and what she should expect made the entire process a lot less intimidating. During her research, she learned a lot of important things, many of which resonated with her own experience. First, she discovered that about 2/3 of divorces are filed for by women. It was good to know she was not alone, and she wasn’t surprised by the statistic. After all, Mark knew just as well as she did that they had tried everything and their marriage was over, but he would never bring himself to actually find a divorce lawyer and start the process.
Janine also learned that it would not necessarily be a quick and easy process. Even though they would be filing uncontested divorce, there would still likely be a waiting period after Mark was served the papers before anything was final. She also discovered that she was not alone in her betrayal. Infidelity is the most common reason for divorce and makes up about 21% of all divorces. Even though Mark knew he had done wrong, hence Janine’s search for an uncontested divorce lawyer, his infidelity was beyond what their marriage could survive.
Perhaps most surprising to Janine, however, was all of the stories of hope that she found. So many women shared their experiences of ending a marriage and rediscovering themselves. They told tales of the reasons their marriages fell apart, gave advice on how to find a divorce lawyer, and made promises of better days to come. It had been a dark couple of years for Janine, and she was so excited at the prospect of getting the chance to heal and rediscover herself.
After all of her research, Janine was finally ready. She found a lawyer that had great reviews and was affordable. She let Mark know that she was ready, and Mark agreed it was time. Though the next few months were difficult as they traversed the court system and all of the obstacles it entailed, Janine began to discover she felt more and more like herself. Though when she first made the decision to find a divorce lawyer she felt at one of her lowest points, with the support of her now ex-husband, her wonderful friends, and a great divorce attorney, Janine not only navigated the stress of divorce, but truly started to get her groove back.