5 Reasons You NEED a DUI Attorney

If you get arrested for driving under the influence, it’s important for you to find a good DUI lawyer to help you get a favorable outcome. A good one should be able to answer any questions that you may have and also let you know about the potential consequences of any actions you take from this point in time. They’ll also answer questions that you may have, including “can you still drive if you get a DUI?”

Your lawyer should let you know all about DUI meetings, including where to attend some in your area. To make sure that you’re well informed, you could also do some online research. Search for things like “if I get a DUI can I still drive?” or “can I still drive after a DUI?” The results should help you find a few possible suggestions, all of which you need to run by your lawyer to get a go-ahead from them.
Remember that your lawyer is more knowledgeable and experienced in the details of being in such a situation and don’t disregard their advice. Doing so can lead to a less than ideal outcome for you and see you paying for your DUI for a longer time than it might have been necessary for you to do.

Every person has moments in their life they wish they could take back. Bad decisions that had long lasting consequences, relationships that we wish we had avoided, and cringe worthy photos from our childhood. For some people, that moment is the one in which they decided to get behind the wheel after drinking. While driving under the influence is never acceptable and it should be punished appropriately, those who find themselves in this situation should find a DUI attorney immediately. Keep reading to learn about 5 of the biggest reasons this should be your priority.

Finding a good attorney
1) Know Your Rights State DUI laws can be complicated. Working with the best DUI attorney can help to make sure that you understand those laws and can protect your rights. Your DUI attorney may advise you that even blood tests that were administered with your permission can be challenged in court or that breathalyzer, blood, or urine tests are only admissible in court if they were properly administered. If there are other allegations of criminal behavior with your DUI, working with a criminal DUI attorney from a criminal defense firm will allow you to get the best defense you can in one place.
2) Get a Fair Trial If you do not understand your rights or are in a state with complex laws regarding DUIs, it is nearly impossible to get a fair trial. For the prosecutor going against you, this is simply one more in thousands of DUI cases, but for you, this moment could determine much of your future. Make sure it is a fair fight in the court room.
3) Prioritize Your Future Getting a DUI can have serious implications for your future. DUI convictions can affect your future ability to get a job, a loan, or to take advantage of other opportunities. Finding a lawyer who can help to either minimize the charge or have it removed from your record more swiftly will pay off significantly. If you find a DUI attorney, you can be sure you will not miss out on your dream job several years down the road because of one mistake.
4) Protect Your Assets DUIs are expensive, and while you may find a DUI attorney, especially a good one, will cost you several thousand dollars, this will likely still be less than what you would have paid in outright fines or in dollars lost from the future impact of a DUI conviction.
5) Have an Ally Going through this experience can be financially, mentally, and emotionally draining. A good DUI attorney will not only help you navigate the legal system, but also feel like a true ally to you during this trying time. As simple as it sounds, simply having someone to make you feel less alone during this stressful period is a huge benefit.
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