HealthLease Properties Real Estate Investment Trust Ends 2013 with Strong Financial Results and Well-Positioned for Future Growth

HealthLease Properties Real Estate Investment Trust has disclosed its financial position of the past three months and the year ended on 31st December, 2013.  The CEO and Chairman of REIT, Zeke Turner has said that “Our leasing growth is going with very good pace and we have tripled our property portfolio to 45 properties”.  He further said “we have acquired this massive growth owing to the result of our new business model and we have also acquired high qualities properties with the partnership of Mainstreet Property Group”.

On the other hand, the Chief Financial Officer, Adlai Chester has said that “this growth has improved our balance sheet and overall condition of the business economy and helpedREIT to get sustainable and highest payout ratio.” Furthermore, this growth coupled with secured credit facility, will help our financial position along with future growth and it is a good omen”.

Last but not the least, board of trustees of the REIT has also approved some changes to the management agreement with Mainstreet. And, the aim of these amendments is to provide 15% of AFFO incentive fee on per unit basis.