Criminals That Failed Spectacularly

Many crimes are committed each day. Some criminals get away and others are caught and persecuted. In this video, you will learn about some criminals that certainly did not get away with it. They will need a good criminal defense lawyer.

In Johannesburg, the cops were called to an apartment that had been robbed recently. The lady recounted the events as the cop sat on the sofa.

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He then realized that the criminal was actually hiding under the catch. Apparently, the criminal did not have enough time to escape. He was promptly arrested.

In another instance, a couple arrived home from their vacation to find their home had been cleaned. It was a mess when they had left. The couple walked upstairs and found a homeless man sleeping in their bed. Apparently, this man decided to clean up the house and make it his own while they were away.

Finally, a drunk couple broke into SeaWorld in Australia. They also broke into the exhibits and swam with the dolphins. They even thought to use a fire extinguisher to propel themselves under the water. However, the craziness didn’t stop there. They abducted one of the penguins and brought it back to their hotel room. They were later caught when they attempted to release the penguin in the river.