You Have A Brilliant Idea And Want To See It Soar Make Sure To Contact A Patent Lawyer First

You have an idea that could make or break an entire industry. How do you keep something that amazing safe from the wrong eyes?

You ask a patent lawyer for some advice, that’s how. Today is a digital age, with concepts and products flying back and forth on a rolling basis. Keeping up with it all is, to put things plainly, simply impossible! Standing out with your idea — and keeping it safe for the tough times ahead — means dipping into your legal resources. To obtain a patent means to understand your product inside and out, with no stone left unturned on your way to greatness.

The best way to fill out a patent application successfully is with a patent lawyer. Get yourself started with some simple facts below.

Patents Have Been Around For A Long Time

Think patents are a new invention? Not quite. The very first patent law in the United States was used nearly 230 years ago. It’s clearly change a lot since then, expanding to include new patent types, be accessible to different industries, and even offer more flexible expiration dates. Keeping track of all of this is best done with a patent lawyer that knows this history inside and out, regardless of the kind of product you’re bringing to their attention.

Patents Are Used Just About Everywhere You Look

You name it, there’s an industry that uses a patent to protect their interests. A recent survey revealed patents are strongly utilized across 12 industries, with the rest using them frequently or occasionally. Of the 12 industries where patents are being successfully used, it’s thought 50% or more inventions meet criteria for long-term success. Those are pretty good odds, all things considered. Patents are becoming more popular, after all, and it’s a proactive attitude that wins at the end of the day.

The Number Of Patents In America Is Growing

You’re far from the only one wanting to figure out the domestic patent process. A recent study found the USPTO receives a staggering 500,000 patent applications every year, with this number expected to hold steady. Intellectual property practice is often one of the few things that stand in the way of your idea succeeding and your idea being ripped off by a third-party. While common law copyright is certainly useful, it’s still considered a touch too vague for some cases. How will you prepare?

Some Things Can Be Patented, Some Cannot

A good rule to learn now is that not everything can be patented. Despite this, the qualifications have become broad enough to encompass nearly any original invention. There are several criteria that will increase your product’s chances of being accepted, with a patent lawyer giving you the rundown so nothing slips under your radar. How is your product used and how does it it compare to similar products? Have you applied for patents before and been rejected?

Your Intellectual Property Deserves To Be Protected

Never think your idea is too small or too common to be protected. You might just be surprised at what you find. A patent attorney in Denver can sit down with you and walk you through the national and international laws that go into a successful application, right alongside giving you the confidence necessary to chase your dream. A provisional patent application can have your invention protected for a period of twelve months, with ‘patent pending’ on the product. A new patent will have 20 years from the application’s filing date.

You have a great idea. Protect it with the aid of a Denver patent lawyer.