Why You Need Legal Help and Advice for a Divorce

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Getting a divorce can be a complicated and difficult process, with emotional, legal and financial issues. Especially when children are involved, the emotional stakes can be very high. In this situation, having sound legal advice and someone who can view the situation objectively can be a great help. That’s why people find that they need a divorce lawyer to provide advice and support to find a resolution.

Causes of divorce
Most divorces, about two thirds of the total number, are initiated by women. There are many reasons for divorce, but the most commonly cited is infidelity, in 21.6% of al cases, according to a study published by the Journal of Family Issues. This is borne out by the caseload of couples therapists, half of which is due to cases of infidelity.
Other causes of divorce are incompatibility, in 19.2% of cases and drinking or drug abuse, cited in 10.6% of cases. Each of these reasons carries an enormous burden of emotion and it can be difficult for someone in this situation to see a way out. Help from a divorce lawyer can help individuals and couples to make the right decisions which allow them to deal with the pressing issues and to find a way to continue with their lives.

Divorce help for child custody cases
When there are children involved, the emotional and legal issues are heightened. It’s important to remember that in such a conflicted situation, it’s easy and even tempting to turn children into pawns for one side or another. However, the best way to make the right choices about child custody is to keep the child’s best interests as the highest priority.
It’s always in the best interests of the children if custody and visiting arrangements can be made amicably. If they are arrived at through a process of consultation, they are more likely to be followed and to last. At every step of the process, from filing the divorce papers to the child custody agreement, it helps to have professional legal advice.

Why you need a divorce lawyer
In 29% of custody cases, arrangements are decided by the parents without any third party intervention. It’s only in a small minority of cases, around 5% of the total, that a custody evaluation needs to be made before the issue can be resolved. Divorce lawyers have a great deal of experience of such cases and can provide the best advice for each situation.

Divorce and child custody cases can be emotionally wrenching affairs with serious financial implications for both parties. That’s why people need a divorce lawyer to help them make the right decision and to provide the legal aid for divorce. Learn more at this link.