When You Are in Need of an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney

South Carolina is no stranger to serious accidents, whether they happen due to the negligence of other drivers who share the roads or due to dangers in the workplace. For any occasion, from being injured on the job to being hit by a car, there is experienced help out there waiting to take your case. Our attorneys are skilled in handling various types of personal injuries and don’t want you to feel alone during this desperate time.

How Prevalent Are Accidents in South Carolina?

South Carolina is no stranger to serious accidents that lead to injuries and fatalities, whether they happen on our roads or in our work zones. The statistics don’t lie: South Carolina experiences accidents every day. In 2015 across the state, there was a car accident every 4 minutes. A person is injured every 9 minutes in an accident and, every day, people lose their lives as well. In total across the entire state in 2015, an astounding 56,804 traffic accidents took place.

Why do many car accidents take place, leading to injuries? Some of the main reasons every day include aspects such as drunk driving, speeding, and driver distractions. In South Carolina, drunk driving is actually one of the leading causes of driver injuries and fatalities. The state has issued that 0.08% BAC is the legal limit before you are arrested for a drunk driving charge, and many people involved in these serious accidents are well above that. If you have been hurt in one of these accidents, an auto accident attorney can help in your time of need.

There are many people who are also injured on the job every day and, luckily for you, a workers comp attorney will protect your rights when you need their help the most. In just 2016, 2.5% of workers in South Carolina’s private sector received injuries and were unable to return to work for a certain period of time. One of the most dangerous occupations is nursing, with construction work being another that causes serious injuries to those involved.

Have you been injured on the job or through a serious car accident that happened due to the negligence of another party? An attorney will answer all of the questions you have before you move forward with a claim and attempt to receive damages you deserve. You are never alone after one of the most difficult experiences in your life.