What Should You Ask of Your Criminal Defense Lawyer?

Your defense in a criminal trial is what will help you avoid extra jail time or fines that you could be given. Choosing a criminal defense lawyer is one of the most important steps in your defense. Here are some things to make sure that your lawyer does during preparation and during the trial.

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They need to investigate the charges raised against you. They need to see what you are being accused of and understand your story before moving forward in the case. Ask them to explain the laws surrounding your charge to make sure that you both are on the same page.

You should be with your lawyer during the process. You are a witness and you should be contacted when planning your case. The lawyer should also explain your rights to you, and they should make sure that none of your rights were violated. If they were, you might be able to have the case dismissed.

Find out what the prosecutor is offering. This might make your process easier, especially if you can afford to pay it off or do the work assigned to you. It can also result in a felony being expunged from your record, which will be a positive for the rest of your life.

Before hiring, make sure your attorney can do these things for you. Having the best attorney will make your process that much easier.