Truck Accidents Create Hardships That Can Last for Years

Tonight you are thankful that all the kids are finally in one place! Although it is nearly a week late Christmas has officially BEGUN! New Years Eve will be Christmas Eve, and New Year’s Day will be Christmas day. You are not thankful for the truck driver who caused your family’s nightmare, but you are thankful that there were no deaths when three members of your family were hurt in a truck accident three months ago.

You are thankful that your second oldest son is reaching fluid goal even if he is not eating enough. He has lost 10 pounds, but you are thankful for Zofran. The doctor’s think your son is feeling nauseous from a new medicine they started two weeks ago and lately increased, and that the new medication has added to the fact that he is not eating. The Zofran, you hope, will help.

Have You or Someone You Love Been Hurt in a Truck Accident?
The team of personal injury lawyers are helping your family navigate the challenges that you have faced the last three months since your wife, two daughters, and two sons were hurt in a truck accident, but there are still many obstacles to face. The fact that the accident happened so far from home means that the necessary medical care has kept your family separated for much of the time since that dreadful night, but you continue to search for things to be thankful for.

For instance, you are thankful the back of your son’s head is completely healed and you were able to give him a better hair cut today, and you are thankful his wrist that was broken is not hurting from lack of healing but because of healing. A hand specialist visited this week and there needs to be more exercise because the muscle has atrophied. And while you are kicking yourself that you did not get a picture of all of you together, you are so thankful for the special visitors from home today who were on vacation were able stop by for the afternoon.
In spite of all the things that you are thankful for, however, you replay in your head the sound advice from your truck accident claim adviser who encouraged you to ask for a very high settlement amount. They knew, much more than you could have imagined, all of the various expenses that you would be facing as you waited for the complete recovery that still seems months away.

There were an estimated 32,166 fatal motor vehicle crashes in the U.S. in 2015, but even if you or someone in your family was able to survive a truck accident caused by someone else’s carelessness you may find yourself struggling to recover, both financially and emotionally. Fortunately, the most experienced personal injury attorneys may be able to help you access the resources that you need when facing a long hospital stay or getting long term rehabilitation services.
When you realize that as many as 95% to 96% of personal injury cases are settled pretrial you begin to see the importance of getting a legal adviser who can help look out for your best interests.