Three Things You Need to Do Before Hiring a Divorce Attorney

One of the first things you need to do if you’re getting a divorce is hire an attorney. Even if you’re planning on an uncontested divorce — one in which you and your spouse agree on everything — you still need to have an objective professional looking out for your best interest and ensuring that everything is fair. However, you can’t just hire any lawyer right away. Here are three important things you need to take care of before you hire a divorce lawyer.

1. Think about what you want ahead of time.
The very first thing you need to do before you even begin to look for a lawyer is to think carefully about what you want. Think about how you want the process to go, how willing you are to compromise on certain things, and how you want to be represented. These will all be important details to know for the next step in the process.

2. Interview different divorce lawyers.
When you’ve thought about what you really want and have a clear idea of how you want the divorce handled, the next thing you need to do is find and interview lawyers before actually hiring one. It can seem like a chore and it might be really tempting to hire the first one you come across just to get it over with, but you need to interview them to gauge their suitability for your case and find out how they prefer to handle cases.

3. Align your expectations.
Before you actually start working with a divorce lawyer, it’s important that your expectations are in line with what the lawyer is actually going to be able to offer. Many people think that their divorce lawyer is going to be there for all of their needs — counseling, divorce advice, to file papers, and to hear their frustrations and so on. They also expect that a lawyer will be an expert in their assets, such as cars, buildings and equities. Most are sympathetic to the situation, but they are not therapists or accountants and it’s important to remember that.

Going through a divorce is generally a harrowing process for most people. This is because of all the details it involves as well as the personal nature of the issues in question. As such, you have to hire a professional to help you through the process and make it easier for you to navigate it. You can start by looking for local divorce lawyers that have a solid reputation so that you know you have someone trustworthy by your side.

If you’ve finally decided in your heart that “this time I will get my divorce,” you may be looking for a divorce fast track that can help you get your divorce within six months. Prepare yourself, both mentally and physically by ensuring that you have any documentation that’s important for you to have for the process. Remember to also ask your divorce lawyer about anything that you’re concerned about. This includes things like “can a judge deny a divorce and issue marriage counseling?” This is a valid concern for you because you may have reached the point of no return and simply want it all to be over with. Get on the same page as your lawyer so that you have the best odds of getting a favorable outcome.

Do you have any tips or advice on things a person needs to do before hiring a divorce attorney? Feel free to share them with us by joining the discussion in the comments section below!