The Importance of Having A Lawyer

Car accidents are something everyone actively aims to avoid, but what happens when you can’t? The possibility of a car accident occurring makes it nearly impossible to avoid being the victim one. Most drivers who are hit by a car were injured on the job and typically hurt by another driver. Seeking legal help is the next best thing to do to prevent the situation from unraveling any further.

Essential Tips To Follow Immediate After A Car Accident

a. Remain calm: Keeping your composure allows you to stay in control of the situation and aware of your surroundings.

b. Check to see if everyone is okay: If there are passengers in the car, check to make sure no one has sustained critical injuries from the accident. Afterward, be sure to remove your car off the roadway to avoid oncoming traffic—warn drivers through activating the hazard lights.

c. Contact 911: Call 911 and an additional emergency number to report the accident.

d. Don’t admit fault: Be careful what is discusses between you and the other party on the scene of the accident, only discuss the accident with law enforcement and your insurance’s claims representative.

e. Collect crucial information: Make sure to collect information about the other person involved in the accident, such as names, addresses, phone numbers, and license numbers. If the driver suddenly drives off, DO NOT follow them. If possible, take note of all physical features and the make, model, and color of their vehicle to report to police, and gather witnesses who were on the scene.

What Factors Affect Personal Injury Claims?

One of the most commonly asked questions to a personal injury attorney is, “How will it take to resolve my claim?” The time period it takes to process a claim varies considerably, due to the important number of factors that must be reviewed in a case.

1. The case’s nature: Depending on the type of case being reviewed there may be a significant difference in the length of time a claim is resolved. Typically, situations that entail being hit by a car settle faster than other types of personal injury cases.

2. Insurance Companies: Different insurance companies yield different time lengths on handling claims. Simply put, some are more efficient than others. Each insurance company has a process to undergo in order to judge the situation and address the claim accordingly accurately. Usually, how faster an insurance company works to affect the timing of the personal injury lawyer.

3. Complexity:Some cases have a certain level of complexity to it than others meaning insurance companies and personal injury attorneys may require a lengthier time period to sort everything out in an effective manner. For example, the case of someone being hit by a car could have a variety of factors to it which could possibly make it a complex case.

4. Medical evaluation: Generally, a personal injury attorney waits for all medical expenses and damage reports to be filed before assessing and settling a case.

5. Liability: Understanding which party is liable in a case can slow the process down considerably. In cases where liability is not an issue, the case is likely to settle far quicker than cases that require multiple interpretations.

When To Contact A Lawyer After A Car Accident

Contacting an auto accident attorney or lawyer it is never too early in most car accidents, but for some, it is the last thing on their mind. Here are a few suggestions on when to contact legal help.

1. If you are sure who is at fault.

2. If the accident involved other drivers, pedestrians, or cyclists.

3. Your accident report does not accurately represent the actions which occurred.

4. Concerns regarding insurance status or lack of insurance and liability limitations.

5. Your insurance company connects you with their attorney.

The legal factors after being hit by a car are crucial—there needs to be a certain transparency between you and your auto accident lawyer on the next steps to take in your case and what types of right you have considering the extent of severity in the case.