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It is no secret that crime exists anywhere and everywhere, there is no denying it. About 68 million people in the U.S. have a criminal record; however, it is becoming more known that there are a great many people serving time for crimes they did not commit. In the United States alone, a total of 3,944 years have been served by innocent people. Since DNA testing came on the scene, there have been many people exonerated who were, and are, already in prison for someone else’s crime. Three hundred people have been released from prisons since DNA testing began in 1989 after this testing proved their innocence.

Many of the crimes committed, not necessarily committed by the person convicted, have been sex crimes. Because of the nature of the crime, those accused, whether guilty or not, will be in need of a good sex crime attorney. There are certain aspects of a sex crime case that can be expertly handled by a sex crime attorney whose training and knowledge is specific to this type of crime. Often a compassionate lawyer will be found who is able to navigate through the case presented in a way that will give the client confidence coupled with a level of peace knowing that their attorney truly cares. Compassion is almost a necessity for a sex crime attorney to possess if he or she is going to earn the trust of their client. Statistics show that every year over three million children are forced to see domestic violence happening in their own home. It is a fact that 30% to 60% of these children are victims themselves of some kind of neglect or abuse. A caring lawyer needs to be not only sharp, and focused on their clients and the case, but also needs to show a caring heart toward the family members involved, especially if they have been victims of the crime as well.

Naturally, everyone wants to retain the highest level of legal representation for their case. Unfortunately, many people cannot afford to pay the rates that are typically charged for all the work the attorney has to do. Very often a law firm will work with clients in order to make their service more affordable so that the client will not have to give up the legal representation they need. In addition, many attorneys will offer free consultation before the client even gets to the point where they decide whether or not to retain him or her as their lawyer.

An assault attorney is also equipped to handle cases where a client has been the victim of domestic violence. Statistics show that one in four women will suffer some type of domestic violence at some point in their life. The attorney chosen by the client would best be a lawyer specifically educated about the nature of the crime, and trained to handle the technicalities and the fine points involved in presenting the case.