If You File for Disability, Bankruptcy or Workers Comp, You Should Get a Lawyer

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Most people assume they will never need a lawyer. They don’t envision themselves looking through internet directories for lawyers for Social Security disability, bankruptcy law lawyers or workmans compensation lawyers.  The sad fact is, many people will need one of these kinds of attorneys at some point in their lives.

Why Lawyers for Social Security Disability Are Needed

The Social Security Administration (SSA) rejects two-thirds of all applications for disability benefits.  According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there are more than 37 million people in the U.S. who have been classified as disabled.

How Does the SSA Decide Who Is Disabled?

The SSA has a list.  To be disabled a person must:

  1. Have enough “working credits.”  They have a table on their web site.  You also can’t make too much money.  The amount you can make varies a bit from year to year so check their site to see if you make too much.
  2. You must have a condition they consider “severe.”  it must interfere will ALL aspects of a job, must last —or be expected to last — for at least a year or be expected to kill you.
  3. Your problem must be on their official list of disabilities. This may not automatically disqualify you, you’ll just need to jump through more hoops.
  4. You cannot be able to do the work you used to do.
  5. You cannot be able to do any kind of other work.  So let’s say you can’t do what you did but you can do something related, you’re not getting benefits.

Lawyers for Social Security Disability can really help you file your claim and give you a better chance of getting the benefits you deserve and have worked and paid for. Lawyers for Social Security Disability can also make the process a lot less painful and scary.


Bankruptcy filings have risen dramatically in the past few decades.  In California they have gone up by about 600% since 2006.  According to the American Medical Association,62 percent of filings were due to medical bills.  Since 1980, the percentage of business bankruptcies has dropped from 13% to 3%. About 8% of people who file once will file again.

The success rate for Chapter 7 filings done with the help of lawyers for bankruptcy is over 95%.  That number drops to 61% for people who do it themselves.  For Chapter 13 filings, the numbers are even worse.  Less than 1% will get relief from their debts when they do it themselves vs. 55% who get legal representation.

Workers Compensation Claims

Again, no one expects to get hurt at work but they do.  In 2013, there were more than three million reported cases of occupational illness or injury.  Most job related injuries are from falls or slips.  They result in 15% of accidental deaths.  They are the second leading cause of death after car crashes.

When a worker files a claim, their employer has 30 days to respond or the matter is considered settled in favor of the worker. More often than not, the employer will contest the claim and a hearing will be held.  The employer will have legal representation and therefore so should the employee.  Workers compensation lawyers can make the difference between winning and losing and an employee who was injured on the job has lost too much already.