Hurt at Work? Hire Workers Compensation Lawyers

On job injury workers compensation arizona

If you get hurt on the job and aren’t allowed back at work until you’re healed, the financial struggles can send even the most stable person spiraling downward. Workers compensation lawyers are there for you to make sure that doesn’t happen.

What To Do If You Get Hurt At Work

Getting hurt on the job is more common than one would think. For every 10 workers in the United States, 3.3 people got injured at work – – a number down from 2012. During that year, 917,000 illnesses and injuries caused employees to miss work. Strains, tears, and sprains accounted for approximately 327,000, while 229,000 were fall injuries, and 170,000 were back related injuries. If you find yourself to be one of the millions who gets hurt at work, filing for workers compensation will help you out immensely. Workers compensation pays all medical costs while 70% of the compensation paid are missed wages and 30% are missed benefits. This sounds like a great deal, doesn’t it? Almost too good to be true, right? For this reason, getting workers compensation is a difficult process.

When To Get Workers Compensation Lawyers Involved

You should hire a workers compensation lawyer immediately in order to work out the deals of your settlement. If there are lasting injuries, Social Security may take some of your much needed compensation. In 2011, over $60 billion was paid out to injured employees. With a figure like that, companies will definitely try to short-change you. A knowledgeable attorney can get you the money you deserve and make sure you keep every cent possible.

Before you try to file the claim yourself, review it with a good lawyer. You may actually be entitled to more than you originally thought.