Have You Been Injured at Work?

Work related injury lawyers

The first time you were hurt at work, it was completely unexpected. You were standing in outdoor line for movie tickets when one of the special need young adults in the program decided to run. No one really knows what caused her to run, but the direction she headed was straight into the crowded parking lot. Without thinking, you grabbed the student’s coat, and, because she didn’t stop, she pulled you off the curb. Unfortunately, the student kept going and began to drag you across the pavement. The oncoming cars saw what was going on and put on the brakes, and two of your colleagues were able to catch up and finally stop the panicked student. They did not stop her though before you had injured both your right hip and and your right knee.
The second time you were hurt was two weeks ago when you injured your shoulder stopping a student from falling all the way to the ground when she lost her balance. Without your help this student would have fallen nearly four feet off the porch where you leave her after school.
After the struggle of getting the hip and knee therapy appointments scheduled through workers compensation before, you are tempted to skip the entire process this time and just file through your own insurance. Your husband is insisting, however, you at least consult workers compensation attorneys to see if there is an option to get you the treatment you need in a timely manner through the school’s compensation insurance.
If you get hurt at work, a workers compensation claim should be able to get you the treatment you need and pay the bills for that treatment. In reality, the hoops that some workers compensation claims require often make it difficult to get the treatment you need in a timely fashion. For this reason, many people making claims consult workers compensation lawyers to see that they get the immediate quality care they need.

Workers compensation lawyers could have helped American men and women who are injured on the job in 2013 receive the compensation they deserved for the average eight days of work they missed. Without workers compensation lawyers, these people injured in their occupation likely had to wait longer than they needed for the treatment they required and the benefits they deserved.
Surprisingly, nursing assistants and certified registered nurses suffer more occupational injuries than almost any other workers. For instance, they endure nearly three times the number of back and other major muscle injuries as construction workers.
Workers compensation policies should cover 100% of all medical costs for any injured worker. In addition your employee’s compensation policy should pay cash benefits for missed work time after only a three to seven day waiting period. If you find yourself experiencing long delays in receiving these treatments and benefits, contacting a workers compensation attorney may be the solution.