Getting a Work Visa

In the United States, immigration is a common occurrence, and anyone entering the country is expected to complete the proper paperwork on time. Why do these guests arrive in the United States? Many of them intend to become American citizens and acquire their green card (often through the help of a green card lawyer), and others are visiting the United States for work, and that will involve different kinds or permits and paperwork, and not all workers who visit the United States plan to become permanent legal residents, but rather, work for a time in the country, and that means having an investor visa ready, along with any other paperwork for business immigration. Completing all this paperwork accurately and on time can be challenging, however, and getting an investor visa or other work permit, or paperwork for permanent residence, can be a challenge. For that reason, visitors to the United States are encouraged to find an immigration attorney, a lawyer who specializes in the process of helping someone become a lawful resident or find legal work within the United States during their stay. An investor visa may not be far off if a guest to the United States contacts an immigration law firm and gets an attorney to guide them through this process. What exactly is an investor visa, and what are other types of paperwork that a guest might have to complete?

Immigration and Work

A major reason why various foreigners visit the United States is for work, and these guests must have the correct permits and other paperwork ready for all this. What do statistics show? EB-5, the Immigrant Investor Program, was crated in 1990 by the United States Congress’ Immigration Act, and ever since, paperwork and permits have been available for those who wish to work or live in the United States, and a good lawyer can further help with this. What are these employment-based visas? There are five general types: the EB1, EB2, EB3, EB4, and the EB5. For example, the E2 work visa will permit individuals, and their dependents, to have legal work and residence in the United States, and the USCIS will grant this visa to a person if they have substantial investment in an American business. If enough criteria are met, this sort of visa can be given to a person with an investment under $100,000, but it is more common for an E2 investment over $100,000 in value to be considered substantial, and a person with an investment on that level is more likely to receive their E2.

According to Visa Place, a person applying for an E2 as an investor may have to clear some criteria, such as showing that a substantial amount of investment of funds is available and is committed, along with the fact that the investment is for an active business, and not for a passive business such as purchasing a home. In addition, at least 50% of the business should by owned by a foreigner from a country that has a treaty with the United States, and finally, that investment must create enough profit beyond simply what the investor and his/her family needs to make a decent living.

There are also some requirements for an immigrant employee for an E2 classification. That person must be of the same national origin as the foreign investor, and be considered an employee according to relevant laws. Also, that employee should have duties of an executive or supervisory nature, or else have special qualifications if they are employed in some lesser capacity.

In general, a visitor to the United States, whether looking for an investor visa or any other work permit during a temporary stay, or someone looking for a green card and permanent residence, is encouraged to make use of immigrant law firms to make sure that their paperwork is all completed accurately and in a timely manner. All of this can be complicated and overwhelming for some guests, so getting legal aid from an immigration attorney can help them get everything done correctly the first time, especially if deportation may be the consequence for failing to complete all paperwork on time and for the correct agencies.