Four Situations in Which You Need an Expert Witness

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Expert witnesses and their services are an increasingly necessary part of high-stakes trials and courtroom litigation.

The men and women who provide expert witness services are highly-trained and qualified professionals who provide their advanced knowledge and form an opinion on a specific fact, situation or action of someone involved in the trial.

If you are in the midst of a court trial — no matter if you’re the plaintiff or the defense — you are probably thinking about whether or not you should hire expert witness services.

Here are four of the situations in which you would need to hire expert witness services:

1. The facts of the case aren’t immediately comprehensible: A major part of being able to win a case is making sure the jury understands the facts of the case and the evidence. Expert witness services are there to make sure the facts and context of the case is clearly explained to the jury — whether it’s through diagrams, illustrations, or testimonial.

2. If there is insufficient evidence: In a court battle over copyright infringement of a logo, there would be no way to know from the evidence that the logo caused confusion among the general public. Marketing expert witness services, for example, would be able to collect and interpret the data necessary to prove or disprove this assumption.

3. If a consulting expert is needed: Consulting expert witness services don’t normally include the expert testifying in court or leaving any evidence of being involved in the case. You would seek out consulting expert witness services if your attorney needs assistance with the economic, financial or technical nuances of a case.

4. If you have been convicted: Expert witness services may still be able to help you in the event of a conviction. An expert witness can still help you with sentencing and probation problems by considering any mitigating circumstances and disputing the severity of the offense with the judge.

If you think that you should use expert witnesses during your case, you should speak with your attorney to learn more about how to find an expert witness and where to find an expert witness in expert witness directories. Who knows — an expert witness might just be able to sway the outcome of the trial in your favor. Visit here for more information.