Finding a Certified Legal Team to Guarentee Justice in the Case of a Personal Injury

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Every year, thousands of Americans are wrongfully injured or killed by factors outside of their own control. In these situations, many are left in a position where it becomes impossible to maintain their quality of life due to life-altering injuries. Since fewer than 25% of all Americans have enough money in their savings to cover at least six months’ worth of expenses in the event of an emergency; this means that roughly 75% of all Americans are living paycheck-to-paycheck. In the case of a sustained injury, a qualified legal team could be all the difference between struggling financially and receiving the compensation one is entitled to.

Identifying Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice is determined by the inability of a medical care provider to treat a patient effectively, instead causing more harm than good. Medical malpractice cases are extremely intense as courts require documentation that demonstrates how a professional’s prescribed treatment method not only took steps that deviated from the standardized treatment protocols based on one’s region, but also that those deviations directly harmed or hampered the treatment of the patient in question. In the case of a birth defect, many parents fear that it may have resulted from a professional’s treatment. The nuances of medical malpractice are complicated; only an experienced legal team can help determine if you are entitled to compensation and that the professional ought to be penalized for their negligence.

Justice on the Road

With so many dangers and factors at play on the road, one must always maintain a constant focus in order to stay safe. Injuries on the road are frequent; in 2013 there were 3,154 people who were killed in motor vehicle crashes involving distracted drivers and around 424,000 people who were injured. The biggest cause for distracted driving happens to be cell phone use; at any given daylight moment across the United States there are approximately 660,000 drivers that are using their cell phones or manipulating some kind of electronic device while driving. Another major cause for vehicular injuries and death is the prevalence of drunk driving: each day people drive drunk almost 300,000 times yet less than 4,000 of them are arrested. If you or someone you know was injured on the road and were not found at fault, contact a certified legal team that specializes in traffic law to ensure that no crime goes unpunished.

Sticking Up for the Employee

The employee is the strongest asset at a company’s disposal, unfortunately in the case of an injury some companies would rather avoid accountability rather than ensure the financial safety and wellness of the employee. In 2013 workers reported 3,007,300 occupational illnesses and injuries; roughly 85% of these injuries are attributed to slips, trips, and falls. One out of every five of these incidents resulted in over a month away from work, meaning that workers could potentially miss out on much-needed income to sustain themselves and their families. Although nearly three out of every four states require businesses to provide worker’s compensation, this does not mean that every business is willing to accept that they must take care of their employees. Since the average maximum compensation for an employee who damaged one arm at work in the United States amounted to approximately $169,880, pursuing a workers compensation claim with an experienced lawyer could ensure that companies put their employees first as they should.