European Capital Receives 27.4 Million Pounds Sterling from the Initial Public Offering and Placing of Shares in DX Group Plc

European Capital Limited and its consolidated subsidiaries (European Capital) have disclosed on 10th March that they have received £27.4 million proceeds pursuant for the initial public offering of DX Group Plc (DX). They further said that “these public offerings have improved the value of DX in the market and it is supposed to have £200 million capitalization.”

Actually, European Capital had invested lien and mezzanine debt for second time to support the buyout of Dx and it had been maintained and operated by Candover Partners Limited.  Later on, European Capital happened to work with other lenders and Arle Capital Partners to agree on a restructuring in 2010 and afterwards it was turned out to be a lender and shareholder with board representation.

It is said that European Capital had sold its full equity and happened to recover its entire investment through IPO and interests within short span of time.

Managing Director of European Capital Financial Services Limited Jerry Tebbutt said that “We have spent a very good time with David, DX team and Peter in the last four years and we wish our team to get succeeded in its all future endeavors”.

On the other hand, the CEO of DX Peter said that “We are really lucky to work with European Capital and they have been very supportive to DX group in the last four year”.