Drunk Driving Is A Serious Crime That Can Result In Jail Time Why You Should Call DWI Lawyers

Drunk driving is a serious issue.

It’s one of the most common hazards on American roads today. It can crop up out of nowhere, even when a driver is convinced they’re fit enough to drive. Local driving laws are even changing in response to the rate of drunk driving-related crashes and fatalities. When you’re pulled over for a potential drunk driving charge it’s essential you have a professional by your side. There are several important rules and laws that might apply to your case and offer you a more well-rounded conclusion.

Learn more about DWI rates in America and where you stand in the mix.

Drunk Driving Doesn’t Just Involve Alcohol

This is one term you should be deeply familiar with before proceeding with DWI lawyers. Drunk driving refers not just to driving a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol, but any other substance that can impede your performance. This includes illegal drugs, such as cocaine, and over-the-counter medication. Even allergy medication can count, as many come with drowsy side-effects that can severely reduce your reaction time. It’s been estimated drugs other than alcohol are involved in nearly 20% of motor vehicle deaths.

Blood Alcohol Content Is Vital To Your Case

How does a drunk driving charge go through? The most obvious case is to determine how much of a substance is in your system and proceed from there. A breathalyzer test is done to detect the amount of alcohol on your breath, though a blood test can be required for other substances. The nationwide BAC limit is 0.08%, with the exception of Utah at 0.05%. A 2016 study found Texas leading the nation in traffic fatalities, with one-quarter of these deaths involving a driver with a BAC of .15% or greater.

Past History Can Change A Potential Sentence

An important aspect that your DWI lawyers can bring to the table is your past history. If this is your first conviction you have a possibility for a lighter sentence. Compare this to statistics concerning repeat offenders, in which the consequences are more far-reaching. A third DWI in Texas, for example, is considered a third-degree felony and carries a range of punishment between two to ten years in state prison. Other factors will also be brought into your case to determine the best outcome.

Other Road-Related Issues Can Be Brought In

Was road rage part of the conviction? How about possible vehicle negligence, such as a flat tire or a broken tail light? The Eighth Amendment provides criminal defendants with the right to a reasonable bail, as well as the right not to be subjected to a cruel and unusual punishment. Your criminal defense lawyer will ensure you’re updated on the most recent changes in law so you’re not left wondering what else could have been done. Your most important step is to contact your local law firm.

DWI Lawyers Can Walk You Through The Process

Your first defense is a lawyer that’s familiar with the legal landscape. Employment of lawyers is projected to grow by an impressive 5% over the next few years, as fast as average for most occupations. There are nearly one and a half million lawyers serving in the United States, with many focusing on specialties so they can better address the public. Civil litigation is not an act that should be attempted alone. When you’re facing potential fines and jail time, you need all the help you can get.

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