Don’t Read These 5 Divorce Facts If You Have Cold Feet!

Divorce for business owners

Why did I get married?

Oh, right, true love. First comes love, then comes… you know how it goes. It ends with something about a tree and getting served with divorce papers, child custody lawyers, and Googling, “Need divorce advice plz halp!” Even though everyone walks down the aisle and says “I Do!” in the belief that they’re getting hitched for life, many dream weddings end in nightmare divorces.

So before you write those vows or pop the question to your beloved, study up on these five shocking facts about divorce:

  • Put Down The Bottle, Fellas: According to researchers from the University of Cincinnati, an August 2012 study found that men were way more likely to start drinking after a divorce than their wives. Sorry, we meant ex-wives. Maybe that’s why…
  • Divorce Kills: In Europe, another grim study out of the University of Florence found that infidelity, one of the most common causes of divorce, led to “a higher risk of major cardiovascular event,” like killer heart attacks. Yes, that means some cheating husbands really die of a broken heart after the divorce papers arrive.
  • 50/50: There’s a common urban legend in America that one in two marriages ends in divorce. But that couldn’t be further from the truth! In reality, only 42% of first marriages ends in divorce. So, actually, it could be further from the truth now that we’re thinking about it. Much further.
  • Second Marriages Last Longer: Nope, JK… The divorce rate for second marriages is about 60%. So when you think about it, that averages out to about 50%, which is one in two…
  • Speaking of 50/50: Even though we’re living in the age of third wave feminism, husbands and wives still aren’t splitting up the housework evenly. Not only are husbands leaving their wives with all the chores, but the divorce rate is twice as high among couples who do split the chores evenly. And yes, you read that right. Not only are men leaving women with chores, they’re leaving women for making them do chores, too.

Of course, there’s also good news for those looking for divorce advice! So what is the good news exactly? We’re not going to bum you out with any of the statistics about child custody, divorce lawyers, and family law disputes.

Your welcome.