Choose Your Bicycle Injury Lawyer Before You Have an Accident

Los angeles bicycle accident attorneys

The popularity of bicycling as a viable alternative to driving a car is on the rise, which isn’t surprising given the fact that it saves on gas money, provides an outlet for exercise and leaves no carbon footprint.

But as interest in bicycling grows, so does the frequency of cycling related accidents on the road. To give you an idea, the number of head injuries sustained by bicyclists that end up requiring a hospital visit surpasses the sum total of those associated with most contact sports, rollerblading, scooters and skateboards, snowboarding, and equestrian sports combined.

Familiarizing yourself with a well reputed bicycle injury lawyer is a good idea if you ride regularly, since it will save valuable time and energy in the event of an accident. Accident and injury lawyers are plentiful, but you want to find a firm that will go down all possible avenues for compensation should you sustain injuries from a biking accident on the road.

The prevalence of bicycle accident injuries is striking, particularly with regard to cyclists riding without helmets and sustaining avoidable bicycle head injuries. Bicycle injury statistics tell us that death rates for injured cyclists are highest among adolescents, aged 15-24, and middle-aged adults over the age of 45. Men are more likely than women to sustain injuries or die in a bicycling accident, and the estimated medical costs of tending to cyclists that sustained injuries while riding without a helmet is over 2 billion dollars a year… not exactly “chump change.”

Because of the multiple factors involved – i.e., complex traffic laws, potential lack of witnesses, visibility issues, road conditions, etc. – you want to choose a bicycle injury lawyer that won’t yield for a quick settlement, but rather will make certain that all of your costs are compensated and losses are properly addressed. Especially if you have sustained a brain injury accident, it’s important that you and your family have confidence instilled in the bicycle injury lawyer representing your case.
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