A Closer Look At Car Accidents Here In The United States

Here in the United States, car and other such motor vehicle accidents are far too common from coast to coast and everywhere else in between. In fact, there are an estimated six million or so car and other such motor vehicle accidents taking place over the course of just one single year, as car accident lawyers are likely well too aware of. In these car accidents, there is the potential for great tragedy of all varieties.

For while nearly one and a half million people are killed in car accidents throughout the entirety of world over the course of just one year, up to 40,000 people will be killed in such events here in the United States alone – and all within this same span of time. In addition to this, some three million or so people will sustain injuries and, as many car accident lawyers can attest to, serious ones at that. After all, up to 35% of all spinal cord injury cases sustained here in the United States will be sustained in car accidents and motorcycle accidents and other such motor vehicle accidents that occur over the course of a year.

And if you have been the victim of a preventable car accident, seeking the help of car accident lawyers in filing a personal injury case is likely well within your best interests. After all, the settlement from personal injury cases can be quite impressive, and nearly all of personal injury cases – up to 96% of them, for that matter – are able to be solved before ever ending up before a judge or a jury. The work of car accident lawyers is tireless, to say the least, and many people have been able to find peace after the settlement money for a personal injury claim has been granted, settlement money that will likely be spent paying off various medical bills.

Of course, there are a number of common causes to the car accidents seen in personal injury cases, the ones that are handled by the aforementioned car accident lawyers. Distracted driving is one such unfortunate cause of a preventable car accident, and it is an issue that has grown and spiraled quite rapidly in recent years. After all, technology like smart phones have become more commonplace than ever, and more and more people are using them while behind the wheel. Unfortunately, distracted driving alone claims more than 3,000 lives in a year, according to data gathered back in the year of 2015. If you have been involved in such an accident, seeking the legal advice of car accident attorneys is very much recommended.

But distracted driving is far from the only type of car accident cases that car accident attorneys see. In addition to distracted driving, driving while under the influence also poses as considerable problem no matter where you might be here in the United States. In fact, as many as 300,000 people drive while under the influence of alcohol each and every day, with less than 5,000 of them actually pulled over and apprehended.

The toll of driving under the influence is certainly a great one. Each and every day, as many as 28 people will die at the hands of drunk drivers – sometimes even including the drunk drivers themselves. In addition to this, a new person will sustain an injury – and sometimes a serious one, for that matter – in a drunk driving related incident for every two minute period of time that passes us by. And drunk driving is far from the only threat, with up to 16% of all car and other such motor vehicle accidents caused by those who were under the influence of a substance that was not alcohol, a category that encompasses legally taken medications and illegal (or illegally obtained) drugs as well.

For car accident lawyers here in the United States, the cases are many and the days are long. However, many people seek the help of car accident lawyers in their times of utmost need, and these car accident lawyers provide a hugely important service here in the United States. After all, car accidents are common.